Hello Flannel Friends.


What a happy two weeks it’s been since our first official concert as the band now identified as Flannel Graph… the EP release concert was a great delight for us. You only can have one first concert as a band ONCE! If that makes any sense. Leon and I are itching to play more, and we will be sharing more dates for gigs with you VERY soon! We are also so pleased to launch our new website, designed by the great Derrick Mitchell.

We have an online store where you can buy some Christmas presents (or personal presents?) of our Flannel Graph EP’s, shirts, and stickers. Thank you so much for your support. It matters greatly to us. We love you guys.



  1. I stumbled upon you 2 last nite on itunes. I listened to the full ep, and WHOA! Awesome stuff. I will definitely be getting it soon. God bless you both and keep the music real.
    love and grace,

  2. Hi guys,

    You two are absolutely fabulous. I’ve been listening to you all morning. Where do you hail from?:)

    Elizabeth Stewart
    (worship leader from Charlotte, NC)

  3. Hi there! I lovelovelove your EP, all of the songs are great which is not something you find on most albums. I’m from Ontario and would love to get you better known in my area, so if there’s anything I can do other than spread the word, let me know! Consider me your Canadian advertiser (:

  4. Hi!

    I just downloaded your album from Noisetrade looking for new music. I started listened to it not knowing what to expect. (some of the bands on Noisetrade are awful.) I was completely knocked off my feet from the passion and vulnerability in the songs. The intimacy is so appealing and real. I couldn’t leave a tip. I wish i could. I just graduated college in little ole southeast Arkansas and I’m about to fly to China to teach for a year.. I poured all my money into that or else i would give you 20 to 30, maybe in 40 dollars. Thank you for your music. Your voice and sound is piercing to the heart. Never stop. When you get discouraged just remember your music can change the world one life at a time. Thanks.

    From a fellow musician and amateur songwriter,
    Drew Foote

  5. hmmmm…We wanna get you on out to East Bay Coffee!!!!
    http://www.eastbaycoffee.com. We are in the east bay area of San Francisco, minutes from Cal State Berkeley and minutes more form downtown SF. Love your lyrics, love the music. Give me a shout… We are a music and arts driven coffeehouse venue which can hold around 125 peeps. We do acoustic worship every Sunday night and have artists in on Friday and Saturday. There are a lot of artists and creatives in the area who will really appreciate what you are doing.

    Bill and or Lisa
    (954) 253-3392
    (954) 643-7001

  6. Hi guys!

    Few days ago, I heard one of your songs (saints out of sailors) in the Organic Channel. I really enjoyed listening to it.

    Well, I’ve two questions for you:

    1. Since I’m a lover of real CDs with an artwork on it etc, I would rather like an original of your album than to download it on amazon. Is there any chance you could send it to Germany?

    2. For a few years me and a freind, we’re organizing the “singer-songwriter-sofa” in Tübingen (in the South of Germany). The event takes place twice a year and there are always 4-5 songwriters and about 200 people. And it’s a really nice atmosphere to play.
    So, if you ever plan a trip to Germany, let me know. We’ll be happy to have you here.
    Feel also free to contact me about locations in Berlin.

    Best regards,



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