Who’s Flannel Graph?


Flannel Graph is a combination of singer and songwriter Shayla Smith and guitarist Leon Gregory, both from the tiny town of Kalispell, Montana. They began playing music together in April of 2012 for Smith’s solo work, forming Flannel Graph a year later.

In November of 2013 they released their first album, Five Foot Three — a five song EP recorded and produced by Smith in her home studio. The songs are an intimate expedition through the eyes of various modernized Bible characters, (Joseph and the prodigal son), sailors and sheep, and through Smith’s own eyes as a young woman lacking in height but not in heart.

In September of 2014, after being funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the duo released another eight song EP entitled Ribs of Adam. The songs are centered around relationship and explore the highs and lows that come along with it.

They are currently preparing a full-length album to be released in 2016.